About Maskells Customs and Classics

Maskell's Customs and Classics is a repair, restoration, design and manufacturing boutique for all things automotive. It was initially started in 2003 by Greg Maskell of Shepparton. The business was formerly recognized and known as Revhed Restorations.

With a passion, Greg at the age of 17 started out by tinkering with friend's cars. Ever up for the challenge, and gaining knowledge as he went, Greg lent a hand on projects that seemed to come naturally to him. This included all tasks from body work to engine builds to painting with that all important, colour choice. All the time he aspired for perfection, with an attitude of "if someone else has done it, I can do likewise and possibly even better".

After rebuilding several of his own cars and having them featured in magazines, he started to get requests to do work on other people's vehicles - the decision was made.

Greg formed Revhed Restorations in 2003 as a one man show by way of living the dream and making his hobby into a suitable means of employment.

Operating as an individual, Greg started by doing everything personally. Due to his attention to detail and quality of turnout, Greg has grown his business - by way of multiple award winning cars - into one of Australia's most respected and recognized shops. He employs and works alongside a hand-picked team of five talented people.

Maskell's Customs and Classics is a fully equipped work shop.

Everything is done in-house to keep the build, cost efficient. Customer's input is always encouraged and recommended where possible, by integrating a personal touch to their own unique style and design ideas. However, we consider it to be a privilege to use our own ingenuity, if preferred. Our approach is old school method with, up-to-date technology tools and materials.